Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatu Allah,
I would like to welcome you to the first issue of the FEMYSO Newsletter. 2011, what a year it has been! You, the European Muslim Youth inspire us on a daily basis to work hard in representing you and providing you the best services we can. By the Grace of God we, the FEMYSO team, have been working hard and tirelessly behind the scenes. It is a great pleasure to finally to be able to speak to you directly through this newsletter! We hope you enjoy reading it and hope to receive your feedback.

Mohammed Adil Rehman
President of FEMYSO


Cojep International, Palais des Nations, UN, Geneva, September 2011
COJEP invited FEMYSO as well as 8 other organisations in order to discuss a project called “New Europe”. The aims of the project are to:
- Make political bodies aware of Muslim youth potential and their role in European civil society
- Include minorities in the political and social process
- Help organisations taking initiatives instead of waiting for institutions (like the Council of Europe) to take them.
The question of the day was: “How to achieve this goal in a project that will include several organisations, and will be held at a European level?” By inviting different representatives of the civil society in Europe, COJEP wanted to have feedback on the general idea, and consult them on the concrete procedures, on really how to ACT and how to address the aims cited above. 

FEMYSO contribution to new Guidelines on Countering Islamophobia in Education
published October 2011 by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
This is an initiative by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OECD), and provides guidance for teachers and schools on how to tackle Islamophobia in schools and educational institutions. Intissar Kherigi and Alyaa Ebbiary attended the OSCE consultation in Vienna, Austria in May 2011 and contributed to the discussion and emphasised the importance of tackling Islamophobia in the media as a major influence on young people, including the contributions of Islamic civilisation in teaching curriculum, ensuring freedom of worship in schools and recognising the term "Islamophobia".
The Guidelines are available at http://www.osce.org/odihr/84495
Secularism and Religions: Working Together for a Common Europe
This was an interfaith event on Religion and Secularism with EYCE in Budapest. FEMYSO, in cooperation with EYCE and the Council of Europe, organized the study session "Secularism and Religions, working together for a better Europe", from the 4th to the 11th of December 2011. Altogether 35 Muslim and Christian participants gathered during one week at the Europaen Youth Centre of Budapest to develop their knowledge about this central topic but also what is a challenge in Europe nowadays. This event was held in the framework of the decennial partnership betweenFEMYSO and EYCE. 
Sustainable development campaign 2012 
FEMYSO has been awarded funding to carry out a pan-European campaign on sustainable development and global food justice from April to December 2012. The campaign will focus on training Muslim youth across Europe in campaigning skills and raising awareness of environmental issues, which is a key concern for us as Muslim European citizens. If you're interested in getting involved in the campaign, please contact us at campaigns@femyso.org

Human Rights Day 
FEMYSO marked the 63rd anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights with a statement drawing attention to the movements for democracy and justice in North Africa and the Middle East, which inspires us as European Muslim youth to struggle for justice in our own countries. - Statement on Human Rights Day - more...

Civil society forum on diversity

Interview with Council of Europe TV with FEMYSO Vice President watch the video here

European Muslim Youth At a Glance
FEMYSO is working on producing a series of brief reports of the situation of European Muslim youth in European countries, to provide an overview of their situation, particularly in the following fields - a) History and Demographics, b) Education, c) Employment, d) Politics and Media, e) Islamophobia, and f) Youth Work. We have started with Germany, UK, France and Belgium and we aim to cover all European countries with major Muslim populations.
If you are interested in contributing, please e-mailcampaigns@femyso.org 

  • 25th Council of Europe 'Advisory Council on Youth' meeting and 26th meeting of 'The Joint Council on Youth' in European Youth Centre in Budapest on the 17-19 October.
  • "Media Relations Workshop", held by the Media Diversity Institute in London on the 27 & 28 October 2011
  • ENAR Conference & Board meeting: “Thinking beyond migration: Opening up new integration paths”, 26th-27th of December, Brussels, Belgium
  • Council of Europe (CoE) Training Course: "New Media in Youth Work" that took place at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, from 2-11 November 2011
  • Training Course on 'Youth Participation and Youth Policy' organised by the Council of Europe Department of Youth in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports of Albania, held in Tirana, Albania, 20-27 November 2011
  • "Arab Spring: Youth participation for the promotion of peace, human rights and fundamental freedoms" in Tunisia, December 2011, Partnership between EC and CoE in the field of youth - coorganised by Leage of Arab States, Tunisia and UNFPA

Upcoming Events


You, the Projectmanager!


European Drug Prevention Prize 2012


Climate Change

Did You Know?
  • Germany has between 3.8 and 4.3 million Muslims (5% of population)
  • UK has between 1.6 and 2 million Muslims (3% of population)
  • Belgium has 623,780 (5.8% of total population)
Source: Muir and Smith, 2004

 Who is the best man?

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) replied, "He is the best man whose life is long and whose actions are good."


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