With nearly 50 million Muslims in Eastern and Western Europe, there is an obvious need for Muslim youth across Europe to have a voice at the European level. FEMYSO is a platform which enables co-operation between Muslim youth from all the different countries and cultures within Europe.

FEMYSO envisages a Europe in which Muslims take pride in their identity and contribution to society. We work for a future in which Muslims are an equal part of the fabric of European society, contributing positively and constructively to the common good. FEMYSO promotes respect between cultures and faiths and has built strong partnerships at a European level with other faith organisations, for the benefit of all youth.

Our trainings and activities focus on embedding positive ethics of active citizenship, social harmony and respect for human rights, equality and justice within all youth. We believe the diversity of Europe is its strength, and we must all work together to build a peaceful, prosperous and inclusive Europe for all.